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If you are selling estate jewelry, you may feel rushed to get the value of gold pieces, including gold jewelry with precious stones. This creates a duality in the gold buying business: monetary value of melting gold and monetary value of the gem or jewelry piece itself. There are various factors that determine the market value of gold and other jewelry, but specific characteristics contribute to the value of selling and buying estate jewelry. That is why Walter Bauman Jewelers in West Orange, NJ has gemologists on staff who can determine the value of gems and specific jewelry art throughout history.

There are various factors that contribute to the value of gold:

  • Gold weight 
  • Purity of the gold metal 
  • Prevailing market price of gold at the time of selling 
  • Absence or presence of additional gemstones or intricate designs

There are various factors that contribute to the value of a gemstone:

  • Rarity 
  • Color, cut, and clarity 
  • Carat weight 
  • Geographic origin

Estate jewelry is not always antique designs, but it often consists of family heirlooms and intricate pieces. A gemologist can analyze the artistic carvings and design for unique value within the fashion and art industry. If a piece of jewelry happens to be one-of-a-kind or a rare remnant of a deceased designer, it can certainly be worth more as a whole piece than melted down for its gold value.

How do you know if you have valuable jewelry?

The truth is that most people do not know if they own valuable jewelry beyond the gold or gemstone value. It takes experts in the field of jewelry art and history to truly identify or recognize a valuable estate piece. At Walter Bauman Jewelers, customers trust our analysis when it comes to selling gold or selling gems, or selling the whole piece.

Although diamonds are one of the most long-standing trends in gemstones, there are also other precious stones with rare values. There are some popular gemstones that are worth more on their own relative to the settings they are in at the time of selling estate jewelry:

  • Diamond
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Alexandrite 

Selling Estate Jewelry with Gemstones

It’s important to note that estate jewelry can also include pieces without any gemstones at all, as jewelry styles and preferences can vary widely. The value of older gold metal art or etching on jewelry is often a bit higher than melting the gold for its value. This value depends on a few factors as well:

  • Artistic value 
  • Historical or cultural significance 
  • Rarity and condition of the piece 
  • Artist recognition or bespoke pieces 

Value of Gold Etching

Although the value of gold etching can be very subjective, it is an incredible niche in the gold buying and gold selling industry. Walter Bauman Jewelers caters to many customers who seek estate jewelry for unique and historical finds. In those cases, it is absolutely better to not melt the gold for its value.

It’s important to note that the value of jewelry is not solely determined by the materials used but also factors such as brand, craftsmanship, design, and market demand. Additionally, sentimental or historical value may also influence the perceived worth of a piece of jewelry beyond its intrinsic value. This is why our expert gemologists are such an asset because you do not want your estate jewelry only evaluated for “melt value” when it could have a chance at being worth more than its gold.

Selling Estate Jewelry and Market Demands

Whether it is better to sell gold or gems depends on various factors such as market conditions, the specific characteristics of the gold or gems you possess, and your personal preferences. At Walter Bauman Jewelers in West Orange, New Jersey, our gemologists analyze the full value of estate jewelry in context with all relevant factors.

  • Market demand 
  • Storage and maintenance of the piece 
  • Value and profitability 
  • Market accessibility for the jewelry piece 
  • Sentimental or historical value

Selling estate jewelry that has significant meaning in an artistic or historical context may also sway a seller to keep the piece. It is quite common for customers to “discover” a story behind the jewelry that helps them feel connected to their family and heritage. Some individuals may prefer to keep jewelry that they would never wear simply because it belongs to someone special or was designed by someone famous, or in some instances, has a unique historical tale for the family. Foregoing immediate financial gain may be appealing in these situations.

What happens if a gem is worth more than the gold?

When it turns out that a gemstone is in great condition and has value on its own, it can be worthwhile to remove the gem, melt the gold, and maybe have a new setting done for the gem. If the gemstone is also sold, the item may be kept together. This can go a variety of ways, which is why it is essential to have a trusted gold buyer. Walter Bauman Jewelers has gold buyers that know famous designer names and jewelry brands at a level that empowers the customer to make the best decision about selling gold or selling gemstones.

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