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Gold buying near West Orange, NJ and other areas in Northern NJ is easy with Walter Bauman Jewelers; learn how to best sell gold and jewelry for cash. Most gold and silver buyers in your area come in two categories: online buyers and local jewelers. As a local jeweler, Walter Bauman Jewelers understands that better prices and better service go a long way. If you want to learn how to sell gold and silver, here are some important tips.

  1. Gather all items you think may hold value. You may be surprised how much value is sitting in your house. There is value in gold and silver despite the item’s condition. The buyer should give you the value by weight and item.
  2. Some stones are more valuable than others. Your jewelry should be inspected to ensure it’s genuine, which will add value to the offered price.
  3. Depending on market gold and silver prices, some items will be worth more based on melting weight, while others will get you a higher offer based on its value in the estate market.
  4. Only sell to reputable businesses with a certified scale. Look for the official blue and white seal from the Office of Weights and Measures. A red seal means the scale has failed inspection. Properly certified scales are inspected annually by the state.
  5. Beware of rigged scales. You should be able to see the scare and make sure it is set to “0”.

Gold and Silver Buyers will buy more than just jewelry

Gold and silver buyers are not only interested in wedding rings and old necklaces. There are quite a number of ways that special collectors can profit from selling their items too. Some items that may seem outdated or of little value in their current state, might be worth more money based on the gold and silver from which they are comprised.  A gold and silver buyer can tell you which items are more valuable as they are or melted down based on current gold and silver prices. As a result, estate sales often miss an opportunity here as an item’s intrinsic value is overlooked. Maybe you’ve heard of people who make extra cash as scavengers on weekends, and selling gold for cash is one of the ways to turn old valuables into money. Let’s review a few popular items you may not have thought are part of gold and silver buying.

  • Coin collections are a popular item to cash into gold and silver buyers.
  • Do not overlook solid gold and silver dining utensils when selling gold for cash.
  • Consider small decorative gold items that could be melted, like candle holders.

Sell Gold 

You can sell gold many ways, but always expect a respectful and seamless process. At Walter Bauman Jewelers, we value that our customers are making a decision to sell jewelry and possible family heirlooms. We understand the financial and priceless value of these items. It’s also important to feel safe and not forced into any exchange. Our expert buyers will always provide an offer at no cost or obligation to the seller.  Our consultations are scheduled easily online through an appointment calendar, and you can expect a 45-minute in-person evaluation of your items with gold buying offers that have the best prices. We offer a choice of 20% cash bonus or 30% jewelry gift certificate bonus. More importantly, if you choose not to sell your gold, that’s okay. You should never feel forced to sell.

Beware Buying Gold Scams 

NJ Consumer Affairs have regulations to keep scams down, but they still happen. Be careful and stay aware of how to get cash for selling jewelry safely in New Jersey.

  • Always have access to the items you bring to any gold buying evaluation.
  • Do not attend unregulated events at people’s homes or casual settings.
  • If you’re not sure of your offer, get a second or third opinion.
  • There should never be an obligation to sell your gold for cash.
  • Beware of rigged scales and scams. Make sure scale is set to “0” and look for the official blue and white seal from the Office of Weights and Measures. A red seal means the scale has failed inspection. Properly certified scales are inspected annually by the state.
  • Never mail your jewelry for an evaluation, unless you know that business is reputable. Read reviews.

Overall, gold buying is a great way to make some extra cash and to get rid of pieces that are no longer being used. Some people sell their gold and silver for practical purposes, if they’ve become more minimal, or if they’ve kept too many estate pieces.  Maybe a person needs cash now to splurge on a vacation, or to pay a bill. Some may want to sell their unused jewelry in order to buy a new piece that they would prefer now. There is no wrong reason to sell your gold for cash.

Find the best gold buying near West Orange. You can go to Walter Bauman Jewelers, located in West Orange, NJ for all of your gold buying needs in North Jersey.

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